Hit the mall? Really? (Dec. 1)

November 27, 2007

OK, Union Station isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think “mall.”  On the other hand, because its shops are geared toward tourists, it’s less busy during the holiday season than the typical mall.  It’s also attractive to kids — the kitschy souvenirs, the bungee jumping area, the really great Play and Learn store, the junk food …  In fact, two years ago we used a freebie weekend hotel pass for the adjoining hotel and spent A LOT of time browsing Union Station.  M. loved it, and still does.

On Saturday (Dec. 1)  there’s a big holiday open house, with the requisite Santa (BYO camera) and special sales. A bonus is free parking (with $25 in purchases anywhere in the mall) and a dance theater performance at 12:30 p.m.  A couple of the permanent draws to check out are the museum about the station’s history and its “whispering arch,” just inside the Hyatt Regency’s Grand Lobby.  It’s beautiful, but I’ll be darned if we could figure out how to get our whispers to travel across it.  May you have better luck.


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