Look at the lights (until early Jan.)

December 3, 2007

In our little corner of St. Louis the outdoor lights went up early this year. Three of our neighbors were on a holiday parlor tour this past weekend, so their more-elaborate-than-usual displays triggered a little  rush among the rest of us. Ironically, the only one place in our neighborhood that seems to look less festive than in years past is the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Its 22nd annual display is nothing to scoff at — the lights on the trees and buildings are still striking — it’s just that there’s less to look at this year. Perhaps because the mature trees along the Broadway side of the campus were replaced with saplings, there are no streetside lights on that stretch. And since the A-B show is now strictly a windshield tour, fewer lights along the street make a difference. I miss the days when one could wander into the display on foot.

To walk through a real winter wonderland of lights, head over to Murdoch Avenue in St. Louis Hills. The block just west of Donovan Avenue is locally famous for its communal display, but I’d never seen it until last night. Wow. The trees, lawns, houses, bushes — everything is electrically enhanced. What’s especially lovely about starting at the intersection of Donovan and Murdoch is that the street curves slightly, giving you the illusion that the magic might go on forever. And to cap off the evening, Ted Drewes is just a couple of blocks away on Chippewa.

All this isn’t a bash of the brewery — its tour is among our absolute favorite destinations in the city. (It’s just too bad that the last tour of the day is at 4 p.m. and the light display is on from 6 p.m. to midnight. For tour details, call 314.577.2333. ) Right now is a great time to visit the brewery, incidentally, because there’s a new set of aging tanks going in and it’s very cool for any construction-minded child to see how they’re stacked several stories high, and then the building goes up around them.

I’m always in awe of how clean the place is, especially in the stables. Now that S. has started poking his food with a fork … and tossing that fork to the ground in celebration after every bite … I can really appreciate a clean floor.


3 Responses to “Look at the lights (until early Jan.)”

  1. mom22kids Says:

    Another free — and from what I’ve heard, very popular — home lights display is at 1337 McKinley Avenue in St. Louis. To find out more, visit http://www.gtechdesign.com/index.html.

  2. […] I just have to put in a little plug here for one of last year’s destinations on this blog, the neighborhood holiday lights display along Murdoch Avenue in South City just west of Donovan. […]

  3. doglover182 Says:

    That house in Rockhill is unreal. There are three house’s set to music and its just cool. Everyone should go and check it out. take a can of food. He collects can good for a food bank.

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