Shopping for me, too (anytime)

December 7, 2007

When I was a teenager, I used to badger my mom incessantly about why she didn’t shop for herself more often. Now I know: She was too busy shepherding her three kids around to bother with lugging her own garments into the dressing room! Mom, my heartfelt apologies! Now I’m the one who goes around in outmoded, old, ill-fitting clothes because it’s just so hard to find time to get new things that fit. Jeans, especially. And my favorite pair (the only one that made my butt look halfway toned) just ripped on Monday when I pulled them on to wear to a party. Rips are back in style, you say? Not this one — it’s in a spot where there aren’t supposed to be holes, trust me.

I was hating the thought of shopping for jeans on top of the remaining gifts I have to buy, and then I read about the Web site of Zafu. When you search for jeans, it asks a series of questions about your body shape and the fit you like, then it gives recommendations (about three dozen, in my case) for several companies in a broad spectrum of prices. The site is free — but if it saves me time in the hell of jeans shopping, I may just send its creators a donation. Oh, and it has sections for bras and pants too, in case those are your own personal shopping hell situations.


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