Workout tips from a 9-year-old (anytime)

December 13, 2007

After a week of this miserable, drizzly weather, energy levels at our house are heading off the charts. I’ve never been one to prohibit running in the house, especially because we have a floorplan of wide rooms and long hallways perfect for playing “chase,” but at a certain point even running gets old. We’re at that point!

But thanks to the daughter of some guests over the weekend, I have a new game: room-by-room calisthenics. She had M. doing this for a good half hour on Sunday, and he seemed to love it. How to play: Two people go into a room. One is designated to choose an object or multiple objects — for example, chairs in the dining room. The other person picks an activity — jumping jacks. Then the two have to do a number of jumping jacks equal to the number of chairs. After that, the pair moves to the next room and switches roles. At 4 1/2 M. hasn’t done much P.E., but his preschool has taught him quite a few yoga poses that he introduced to the game along with spinning, hopping on one foot, etc.

Who knows — maybe by the end of winter I’ll have lost a few pounds “entertaining” the kids!


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