Wrapping matters (Dec. 15)

December 14, 2007

Yes, wrapping matters — and not in the sense that a really nice wrap job will make up for a lousy gift!  Wrapping paper is just not environmentally friendly.  It can be recycled (and gift bags reused), but in practice it’s a pretty thankless job to sort it out from the bows and boxes and non-recyclable materials after all the gifts have been opened.

I come from a family that was eco-friendly long before it was cool, so I know all about saving bows and using newspaper comics instead of commercial wrap.  (And yes, we do sort out the wrapping paper and cardboard from the plastic and metal — I always try to escape to the kitchen to put together a cookie tray right about then.)  But I’m not especially gifted (ha ha) when it comes to wrapping ideas that are more creative than the funnies, which is why the demonstrations at Home Eco on Saturday sound so intriguing.  The store will supply plenty of recycled materials, but you can also bring your own.  There will be cookies and carols from noon to 3 p.m., and if that’s not enough inspiration, local artists have volunteered to give pointers too.  For more information, call 314.351.2000.


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