Happy birthday to an elephant (Dec. 27)

December 26, 2007

As our kids come down off their Christmas adrenaline trips, the relatives in town for the holidays are getting a little antsy too — time to get out and about again. I’m ready; I’ve got tickets to a kids-free night at a Blues game. The rest of the crew is going to an impromptu “feast of leftovers” at the next-door neighbors’ house (a great idea!). But as for tomorrow …

I’m thinking we might try the Saint Louis Zoo’s birthday celebration for Raja the elephant. It’s his 15th, and the zoo is playing it up with lots of educational activities and perhaps even sightings of his two baby offspring (weather permitting). The main highlight is an 11 a.m. gift-giving presentation (it turns out elephants want FOOD: cereal, popcorn, melons, bananas) in the River’s Edge area. For half an hour before that, the elephant habitat will be the site of training demonstrations and Q&A sessions. In conjunction, the Lakeside Cafe will have keeper chats, projects and a cart with touchable “elephant biofacts.” Upon first reading that I got a mental picture of the only thing an elephant could leave behind for touching, and then I realized they meant physical items like teeth or bones from other, no-longer-with-us elephants). There’s also birthday cupcakes and hot chocolate available for purchase. The phone for details is 314.781.0900.

Come back tomorrow for ideas to fill the rest of the week: Saint Louis Art Museum’s Family Break, Grant’s Farm Magic of the Holidays and more.


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