Fostering a love of live music (Jan. 11, 12, 19 or anytime)

January 11, 2008

Last summer the Red Carpet Lounge at Brandt’s and Mae Wheeler had a special standing offer for young musicians (especially high-schoolers) to bring their instruments and get up on stage for a song or two during Ms. Wheeler’s monthly gigs. This struck me as a great idea because most of us don’t think of blues and jazz clubs as places where those under 21 are especially welcome. On the other hand, if they don’t go and hear this great music, how are they supposed to appreciate it? Learning about it in school is all well and good, but there’s no way lessons can generate the same passion as hearing live performers in the flesh.

Jazz St. Louis, which runs Jazz at the Bistro, is a nonprofit with an educational bent, and that’s probably why it makes a point to advertise its student tickets. This weekend, for example, students can pay $10 to see classic quintet Hard Bob Heritage (whose pianist, Carolbeth True won last year’s St. Louis Arts Award for Excellence in the Arts,” presented by the Arts and Education Council of St. Louis). The catch is that tickets for the 8:30 show are available to students only in person with a valid ID 15 minutes prior to the start. Tickets for the 10:15 show can be booked ahead of time. (Both are subject to availability.) To find out about the chances of getting into an early show, call 314.534.1111.

If jazz isn’t your think, there’s also a $10 student ticket offer for select Saint Louis Symphony concerts through Sound Check St. Louis. Discounted tickets to many other symphony performances are available directly, but the rules are pretty detailed.

And to give your young musicians a sense of possibility, watch local concert calendars for teenage prodigies like singer Darrein Safron and the Soul Sensations or guitarist Marquise Knox. No need to go to a nightclub to see Marquise — he’ll be on stage next Saturday, Jan. 19, at Blues City Deli from 1 to 3:30 p.m.


2 Responses to “Fostering a love of live music (Jan. 11, 12, 19 or anytime)”

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