Dirty, dangerous, non-arts events (Feb. 2)

January 30, 2008

So you’re not coming down to Mardi Gras, and your kids are just not into artsy-fartsy stuff. I have still more ideas for you to do this Saturday. (Which leads me to the rhetorical question: Why does all the fun stuff seem to clump together on the same weekends?????)

The first idea is the Fox2 Children’s Garden Club free event at 9 a.m. at the Sappington Garden Center, 11530 Gravois Road. As a native North Dakotan, I have a hard time believing that February is planting time around here (at least for hardy cold-weather crops like spinach, peas, lettuce, radishes, etc.), but it’s true. This workshop doesn’t take kids outdoors, but it does get them back into the playing-with-dirt mode. They’ll be making terrariums, which I have found fascinating ever since my grandma had one back in the mid-70s. I also like the idea of the garden club (much as I hate to give credit for anything good to a TV station, being the hard-core print journalist that I am!) It’s a collaboration between St. Louis County’s Department of Parks and Recreation and several local garden centers (where the events take place). The age range, according to the Fox homepage, tends to be 2 to 12, heavy on the Boy and Girl Scouts. For details, call 314.965.6813.

The second idea also sounds great: a kickoff for a youth reading group composed of boys over 7 who liked “The Dangerous Book For Boys.” It’s from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2, at the Barnes and Noble in Chesterfield (at 1600 Clarkson Road). In keeping with the book’s premise, the featured speaker will be a Missouri National Guard major on the topic of artillery; there will also be representatives from a fire department and the science center. For details, call 314.220.8332.

This is a nationwide effort by Barnes and Noble, perhaps because they felt they had to do something to drive sales among boys without a new Harry Potter installment in the offing. No word on whether “The Daring Book for Girls,” published in October, will launch a similar effort on behalf of girls.


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