Movies at the library (Feb. 28)

February 25, 2008

My book group met during last night’s Oscar ceremony, and a couple of us parents joked about our utter lack of pop-culture awareness in not recognizing any of the nominated stars, nor any of the movies, except possibly Ratatouille in the animated movie category. But I’m feeling pretty good now that it won that category — I saw it last summer when it opened … on a very hot day in a very cold theater with a 4-year-old who wouldn’t leave my lap from the scene where the little rat is washed away from his family until the credits began to roll.

But I saw it, darn it! And in a location outside my home, which makes me feel all the more cosmopolitan. If you have not yet had the pleasure, see Ratatouille this week at 4:30 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 28) at the Carondelet branch of the public library. Throughout the month the city libraries show a couple dozen movies, some geared at seniors, some at families. Also on the screen Thursday, across town at the Schlafly branch, is the perennial favorite Happy Feet at 7 p.m. The paper newsletter the library mails out makes it easy to find movies; online takes some digging. Family movies are found within the special kids section, under the pull-down Gateways menu. (Senior movies are listed separately.) Incidentally, the kids section is also where storytimes are listed.

The county library system doesn’t have as many public movie offerings (its screenings seem to focus on teenagers), but it does have a great series going on in the mornings this week: “Give Me Mo and Pigeon Too.” (Registration is required for the free sessions; log onto the homepage for times and branch phone numbers.) Based on works by author Mo Willems, sure to be a hit with any kid who loves Knuffle Bunny. And it’ll be a treat for kids who don’t yet know that book about a stuffed toy left in the laundromat, and the panic that ensues upon the discovery that it’s missing. I can so relate — that’s much closer to my life than the red carpet at the Oscars!


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