Stuck on duct tape (Feb. 28)

February 27, 2008

I’ve been debating whether to squeeze in one more library event this month — it seems like I’ve blogged on a lot of them lately! But in the end I couldn’t resist this chance to ask a rhetorical question: Why is duct tape such a popular material with teenagers? Years ago, when a young friend first showed off her duct tape wallet, I silently wondered how long that crazy trend would be around. Apparently, the answer is “as long as there are teenagers.”

And so, if your 12-year-old has not yet mastered the art of making wallets, iPod cases, cell phone holders, picture frames or prom dresses with duct tape, drive him or her on over to Weber Library tomorrow (Feb. 28) at 4 p.m. There he/she will be offered a choice of colors of duct tape, instructional assistance on getting started in the hobby, and snacks. The age limit runs all the way up to 18, for those who need to ramp up on the latest techniques before heading off to college, where the popularity of duct tape crafts seems to continue unabated (although judging by YouTube videos, the uses get a little more risque and require more hands to accomplish).

For information, check out the St. Louis County Library’s events page or call 314.638.2210. Registration is required but there’s no cost for the class, which is also offered at other branches periodically.


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