Bring on the free concert season (Mar. 3)

February 28, 2008

I’m a junkie when it comes to free music. In the winter it’s a little harder to get a fix, but I usually scout out at least one or two a month (including last weekend’s fabulous set by Gene Dobbs Bradford and the Blues Inquisition). As we head back into warm weather, I start to scan for concert notices at all my usual favorite places — parks, wineries, museums, festivals. To my surprise, I hit on a concert series happening now, in the dead of winter: the monthly Not So Quiet series at the downtown public library branch, sponsored by KDHX. It’s not at the best time for young kids — 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month — but the quality of the bands is great. Next week’s show (on Mar. 3) is by the Zydeco Crawdaddies, who’re always great live. Next month’s is particularly worth noting: Phat NoiZ, fronted by Alvin Jett. We saw them most recently at the blues festival on Laclede’s Landing in September, and their signature song is still stuck in my head (but in a good way).

If you can’t wait until April, note that Phat noiZ is playing tomorrow night at the city’s newest brewpub, Buffalo Brewing Co. in midtown (near SLU’s new arena).  It’s apparently not going to start brewing on site until this weekend (inspections and paperwork stuff) but once it’s up and running it’ll offer ales including Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Drool, Buffalo Red and, the one I’m looking to sample, Chili Beer.  Since it just opened I’m not sure about its kid-friendliness, but its arrival on the scene reminded me that I really need to do a post on great beer venues where kids are welcome … check back for that one!

But back to our main topic … the Not So Quiet series continues into the summer. At the moment I can’t imagine that I’ll ever be too warm again, but I know by July (when the artist is Folk’nBluegrass) I’ll be all too glad to see a free show in an air conditioned venue!


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