No blarney here (Mar. 15)

March 11, 2008

St Pats paradeAdd our household to the list of casualties of that nasty bug going around. With all of us coughing and wheezing all night long, it sounds like an infirmary. I’d heard that it knocked sufferers out so completely that they didn’t have energy for anything — and I can attest that’s true. I didn’t even have the finger-strength to blog.

But I’m better today and looking forward to the weekend, in particular the St. Patrick’s Day parade downtown on Saturday (Mar. 15). I’m somewhat chagrined to admit that I have never attended this parade before — scandalous, isn’t it! — and the only reason I can give is that I’m usually still worn out from Mardi Gras. But with the early start of Lent this year, I’m recovered enough to be up for more floats, plus the balloons and bands and clowns that make this event distinct.

Parades downtown are typically not that well attended (at Labor Day, for example, M. cleaned up on goodies as he was one of the few kids along his section of the route) but organizers are expecting 250,000 for this one. Given the loooong winter and the unfortunate timing of the Dogtown St. Patrick’s Day parade during Holy Week, I’m pretty sure the organizers can bump up their estimate by a few thousand.

The nice thing about downtown parades is that there’s tons of parking on the weekends (paid, of course) both north and south of the route from Union Station to Kiener Plaza along Market Street. However, some streets and interstate exits will be blocked off, so check out the Web site to find out how that will affect your plans.

In conjunction with the noontime parade, there’s an Irish Village at Kiener Plaza from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with food, drinks, bands, and family entertainment. At the other end of the route there’s a party too. The post-St. Patty’s Day run shindig at Aloe Plaza has been extended to go until 4 p.m. with live music and food.

It looks like a great time, and I can’t believe we’ve never gone down for it! See you there — I’ll be the one in the green wig.


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