A Friday family night for R&R (Mar. 14)

March 12, 2008

Since you have kids, you already can guess that the R&R is for RAILROAD, not rest and relaxation!  (When was the last time you had downtime at home on a Friday night?)  Many kid-centric venues offer free or reduced-price Friday activities — the most popular in our household are free family swims at our YMCA pool and free admission at the Magic House in Kirkwood (the third Friday of the month; the next one is Mar. 21).

We only recently discovered the Whittle Shortline Raidroad bash the second Friday of the month (Mar. 14) from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.  Admission is $4.50 for kids 18 months and up; adults get in free.  There’s face painting, door prize drawings and cookie decorating, among other activities.  But my kids tend to bypass extraneous offerings like that because they love to play with train sets and they don’t have one at home.  Their mom thinks they have enough toys that break into tiny pieces, so when they get a chance to play on someone else’s train set they are hooked for a substantial chunk of time.

As with all the Friday family night activities, things can get a little crazy (although nowhere, in my opinion, gets as crazy as the Magic House!).  The downside to Whittle is that it’s a store, and you’ll be lucky to leave without buying anything.  Unless you’re an ogre like me!  If you have questions about the family night, call the Valley Park store at 314.861.3334 or visit its Web site for basic details.


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