I’ll race you! (Apr. 5)

March 14, 2008

Everything is a race at our house.  Bath time, for example:  Race up the stairs, race to the tub, race to get clothes off, race to get in the water.  M.  always wins, of course, since he’s three years older than S.  But what kills me is that S. seems to know his day is coming — no matter how many times he’s the “rotten dog biscuit,” to borrow a term from Clifford the Big Red Dog, he’s just as fired up for the next race.

Ideally the two should test their quickness against kids their own age, say at the St. Louis marathon’s children’s fun runs on Saturday (Apr. 5) .  The under 2 diaper dash?  S. is a shoe-in.  The 2 to 4 50-yard dash?  M. has it sewn up. The older categories are for 5- and 6-year-olds (100 yards) and 7- to 10-year-olds (half mile).  Then there’s the 5K run/walk for middle schoolers and up.  At age 14 and above, kids can sign up for the half marathon on Sunday (Apr. 6) or the marathon relay.  To run the full marathon, the minimum age is 18.

Main-in registration for the fun runs closes next Saturday (Mar. 22); online registration ends Mar. 31.  There’s also in-person registration at Cricket Field in Forest Park.  The $12 entrance fee entitles the child to a race slot, t-shirt, ribbon, food and drink.

The hoopla surrounding the marathon is very geared toward family fitness.  However, the health and fitness expo is downtown, not in Forest Park;  it runs Friday and Saturday at the Hyatt Regency (formerly the Adam’s Mark).


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