Three cheers for the missionary [sandwich] (anytime)

April 9, 2008

In her quest to pair wine with every food imaginable, oenophile Natalie MacLean mentioned in her e-newsletter recently that April 12 is national grilled cheese day. Since she’s Canadian, I had to check out if she meant in her country or mine … and that’s when I found out that this whole MONTH is dedicated to grilled cheese. M. is going to flip when he hears that, because grilled cheese is far and away his favorite food.

It turns out that the April 12 holiday is an American one. In the course of my research, I also learned that the classic bread-butter-cheese combination is called the missionary sandwich. Who knew? Find that and other related factoids at The Official Grilled Cheese Blog.

M. is a missionary sandwich man. He doesn’t necessarily have to have Cheddar, but he does need a yellow cheese. But the rest of us have long since branched out. The current favorite is raclette cheese with fig jam on hearty, whole-grain bread. This summer we may veer toward something lighter, especially when we’re firing up the grill more often and can actually “grill” our cheese rather than “toast” it in the frying pan!


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