Great outdoor bargains (Apr. 30 to May 3)

April 29, 2008

If you have some outdoor gear taking up space in your basement from that sport you never quite got into as much as you thought you would (inline skates? tennis racquets? tents?), bring it to the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood starting tomorrow (Apr. 30).  The store’s 15th annual Swap and Sale — the largest in the Midwest — is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for bargains on used gear (maybe yours!).  There are a few restrictions posted on the homepage, but the premise is pretty simple:  Bring your gear, get it priced on consignment and let them do the selling.  After the swap ends on Sunday, you can either use your profits in the store, or take home 75 percent of the cash value.  Unsold items can be reclaimed or donated to charity.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to outfit your family (bike helmets? sleeping bags? active-wear clothing?) without spending a ton of money, the swap is also worth visiting.  In addition to the used gear in the tent, there’ll be new gear on sale (at all three locations, Chesterfield, Columbia and Kirkwood, although the used gear will only be at the latter).  The race for bargains begins at 7 p.m. Friday (with a $5 entrance donation for everyone over age 13 that evening only at the Kirkwood location) and continues through Sunday, with further markdowns happening that final day.

Questions about swap items that aren’t answered on the homepage can be directed to the Kirkwood store at 314.962.7715.


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