Moms play for free (May 10 and 11)

May 6, 2008

Are you the kind of mom or grandma who keeps one eye on the kids while you tinker with the exhibits at a children’s museum?  I definitely am.  My kids tend to stay at one station a reeeeaaaally long time, rather than fly through the whole museum at the speed of light, so I have ample opportunity to play with magnets or build Lego cars or spin optical illusions.  It’s either play or go stir-crazy!

No matter whether you’re a playing mom or, through virtue of your kids’ speed, a chasing mom, you’ll get free entrance to two local children’s museums this weekend.  The first freebie day is Saturday (May 10) for both moms and grandmothers at the Children’s Museum in Edwardsville, 722 Holyoake Road, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (Regular admission is $3.) It’s a fairly small museum but very hands-on, and there are several high-quality exhibits that both M. and S. really enjoy, including the wall-sized pump-and-valve water system and the PVC-pipe building area.

The following day, Sunday (May 11) is when the Magic House in Kirkwood, 516 S. Kirkwood Road, offers its free admission deal for moms.  (Regular admission is $7.50.) Sunday hours are 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., so there’s plenty of time to beat the brunch rush and still be first in line at the museum.

Dads and grandpas, don’t feel left out — the Children’s Museum in Edwardsville offers a freebie deal for you too, but you’ll have to wait until the Saturday before Father’s Day (June 14).


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