Geeks and gamers in training (anytime)

June 11, 2008

I have a fairly well organized list of upcoming topics for this blog, but sometimes I completely miss something I’d meant to write about … like Saturday’s Worldwide D&D Game Day. It was a huge event for Dungeons and Dragons players, with at least five local shops participating (if you’re still interested in finding out more, there’s a link here). So I blew that one! However, I’m consoling myself with the rationalization that true gamers knew about it already, and those who didn’t would probably benefit more from beginning on a smaller scale, like at the D&D and other role-playing events Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at AnImagination in the Mills Mall or in South County. (The company’s main page is under construction, but the event link works.) Another mall store, Game Nite in South County Center, hosts role-playing and gaming events throughout the week. (To find the weekly schedule, click on the link under the Community Menu.)

For those who prefer facing their opponents over a board, Game Nite sponsors the St. Louis Boardgames Meetup group and hosts some of the organization’s events. Had I been on top of my game, I’d have also known about the Geekway to the West Boardgaming Convention this past weekend. I learned of it from the homepage of Gamer Ground, a store up on St. Charles Rock Road that also hosts weekly board and role-playing game sessions.

Kids who’re less into role playing and more into figuring out the ins and outs of computer programming might enjoy the following game, which comes on a recommendation from the Geek Dad blog over at Hackerteen, Vol. I: Internet Blackout. Their writer says it’s great for “encouraging ethical hacking on the part of kids too little to actually script.” If they’re old enough to actually script, you might have to find other means of ensuring that what they’re up to on the computer this summer is ethical!


One Response to “Geeks and gamers in training (anytime)”

  1. Charles J Taft Says:

    I did not know that you are a D&D fan! I have not played the paper version, but have spent a good many hours with Morrowwind on an XBox and lateley Neverwinter Nights on the laptop I have. Both are D&D based, NWN is supposed to follow the rules more closely according to discussions I’ve seen.

    In any case, it is great fun for imaginations!

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