Wake up the animals (anytime)

June 12, 2008

I just called a neighbor to see if her two kids could come over to play in the sprinkler on this 90-plus-degree afternoon, but it turns out they were at the zoo.  THE ZOO!  The last time M. was at the zoo on a summer’s afternoon he made his poor grandmother lug him around because it was too hot to walk — and that was on a moderate day, not a scorcher.

If you must go to the zoo, I have a better idea:  Go during the first hour that the zoo is open, 8 to 9 a.m.  Not only is it much more pleasant temp-wise, but some of the attractions that normally charge admission are free: Dinoroarus, the children’s zoo and the carousel.  Plus, at that hour you’ll get a primo parking spot either on the street (also free) or in the lot ($10 for nonmembers).

For details on the early-bird freebies, visit the zoo’s homepage or call 781.0900.  It also has info on which of the attractions are free for the under-2 crowd.


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