Kids’ stuff at The Muny (June 23-July 2)

June 20, 2008

I anticipate that seats will go fast at The Muny during the next couple of weeks, because High School Musical debuts June 23 at the classic Forest Park outdoor theater.  Many families have a tradition of going to the free seats (the last nine rows, entered from the upper parking area) a couple of times a summer, and if they have kids anywhere near the teen/tween years, they’ll probably be camping out in line extra early so they’ll be among the lucky 1,500 when the gates open at 7 p.m.  Or they may spring for tickets; the cheapest are $9 a pop and might just be worth it to ensure teenage happiness.

There’s always free entertainment before the 8:15 p.m. curtain — you can find out the schedule by clicking on the homepage’s “Calendar” menu — and this year a fun twist is the karaoke contest.  Anyone can get up and sing a tune from that night’s musical (there are four dates; the first one happened this week, prior to a performance of The Producers, but unfortunately I haven’t found the videos from it that are supposed to be posted on the Post-Dispatch homepage).  Each performer has two minutes to wow the judges and be chosen as one of the top five in his or her round, then featured online where viewers can vote for a favorite.  For the HSM karaoke contest on Monday, June 30, participants must be 18 or under and must have parental consent to participate.  For details on how that all works, call 314.361.1900 x355 and talk to The Muny’s promotions office.


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