Classical music comes to you (Saturdays)

June 27, 2008

Many children, like many adults, disdain classical music — as we’ve personally learned by inviting M.’s friends along to the Saint Louis Symphony’s kid-friendly concert series. It’s impossible to predict who will be bored; sometimes siblings are split on whether or not the concert was a waste of their time, so it doesn’t seem that parental attitudes are necessarily to blame (or to credit!). S. is too young for us to know his preferences yet, although I can tell you now that when he hears M.’s favorite Enya CD he says “Open! Change song!” and starts to sing a request, usually something more uptempo.

Be that as it may, he’ll be exposed to classical music whether he likes it or not because M. is devoted to it. He and I both enjoy TV shows that incorporate it (cartoons, mostly!), and I anticipate we’ll also like the Saturday morning Classic Kids show on 99.1 FM. I learned of it very recently so I haven’t yet tuned in, but I love the idea — especially because the upcoming schedule is posted online, and parents who happen to have some of the books lying around can gather them ahead of time. Note that the online schedule starts July 5, but the show is ongoing, including tomorrow (June 28 ), when I believe it’s a PDQ Bach theme.


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