Stuffed beings from many imaginations (throughout July and into August)

July 5, 2008

For weeks now there’ve been some creepy-lookin’ critters hanging around on the walls at four St. Louis shops that otherwise might not have much in common. It’s an invasion of sorts — straight from the wildest dreams of very creative crafters. The creatures are on display during a four-part art show, “Crammed Organisms,” that debuted early in June at Star Clipper, a comic store in The Loop, and includes Subterranean Books (also in The Loop), Cranky Yellow and APOP Records (both on Cherokee Street). Each Friday in June, one of the locations hosted an exhibit opening; its respective show will run for six weeks from that date. You can figure out the whens and wheres on the homepage; if you’re still in doubt, call the organizer, David Wolk, over at Cranky Yellow, 314.773.4499.

If you’re crafty — or, better yet, if your kids are crafty — and want to participate in next year’s show, start putting your brain to work now! Jot down nightmares, take inspiration from preschoolers’ artwork, picture your boss as the monster she is … then take a needle to it, because that’s the unifying theme of the exhibit: all 700 “plushies” are stuffed animals. To get an idea of what kids did for this year, under a theme of Fairy-Folk-Fable, check out the exhibit at Subterranean Books, where the children’s creations are in the front window.

And, naturally, while you’re hitting these venues to see the show, you’ll want to browse the four eclectic, independently owned stores — a comic store, bookstore, junque shop and record store, respectively. Which reminds me, I’m almost out of the pirate stationery I picked up at Star Clipper the last time I wrote about it, for the munny show …


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