Melting to our seats at the ballgame (anytime)

July 21, 2008

Yeah, we’re crazy enough to buy tickets for a day game in the middle of July! Here’s the trick: Buy waaaaay at the top, like six rows from the top. Those seats are in the shade, and they’re high enough to catch the breeze (if there is one). So we were hot, but not as hot as the folks in the sun. Most of them were gone by the time the game got really exciting in the last couple of innings.

What we didn’t know when we bought the tickets was that it was a Family Sunday, which means fans who buy in the cheap seats get a coupon for a free hot dog and soda. This saved us approximately $40 at the concession stand — a nice bonus for our $20-a-seat tickets (we bought late so all the sections with kids’ pricing were full already). If you’re interested in the next ones, they’re Aug. 3 vs. Philly, Aug. 24 vs. Atlanta and Sept. 7 vs. Florida. You’ll get the coupons when you buy the tickets.

The other nice bonus for braving the heat yesterday was the option after the game for kids to run the bases. From the size of the line, evidently every child who stayed to the end of the game also stayed to run the bases — by the time we found the line, it stretched halfway around the stadium on the lower level (for future reference, it starts over on the east side, where there’s a ramp descending to the “basement.”) Eventually the line got moving and we were funneled through various utilitarian hallways and out onto the field through a vehicle access doorway near the bullpen. We hustled down the first base line and entered the field at first base, where those 15 and under had to part from their parents — unless they were 2 years old and reluctant to run because, in the hurry to leave the house before the game, their mom had forgotten their shoes!! S. wasn’t particularly sad about the lack of footwear — he hates shoes anyway — but he didn’t want to run so they let me jog the bases with him. I’ve gotta tell you, it was a rush! The opportunity only comes after 1:15 games on a few dates; the two remaining for this season are Aug. 24 vs. Atlanta and Sept. 7 vs. Florida. (Yes, those are the same dates as the free hot dog/soda deal above.) In the photo, M. is racing toward the bases, and I’m on deck.

Finally, I learned only yesterday that there are half-price nights scattered throughout the schedule. The offer’s only good for the cheap seats, but hey, half price is half price! The only game remaining for this season is Sept. 5 vs. Florida, but keep it in mind for next year, because April and May have the bulk of the half-price nights.

For details on the giveaways and other promotions, including the freebies before the game (ice cream for two hours prior to every Sunday home game) or to buy tickets and get those free hotdogs, visit the Cardinals’ homepage.


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