Yes, there are public outdoor pools in the city (until Aug. 17)

July 29, 2008

I’m not sure if it’s the economic situation or an underground trend toward frugalness or the simple fact that more and more families are living in the city of St. Louis, but suddenly people are talking about the free outdoor public swimming pools in St. Louis. I’ve heard about them from white-collar professionals, immigrants, random parents at the park … and it seems only right that I should pass my intel along, because it seems that very few people know the pools even exist.

There are three: the Marquette Pool on Minnesota in South City (the phone listed on the site doesn’t work; call the Marquette Center at 353.1250) is the one about which I’ve heard the most positive comments. It’s a no-frills pool for SWIMMING — what a concept! — with very straightforward and strict rules that no doubt contribute to its being clean and safe. The other two are the Chambers Pool, at Compton/Caridinal/Franklin, and the Fairground Pool, Grand at Natural Bridge.

The pools opened after school let out for the summer, and they close Aug. 17, the day before city schools start up again (a mere three weeks away!). Check their homepages for rules on what to bring/not to bring and hours. In general, the pools are open in the afternoons and evenings.


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