Yellow watermelon and other treats (Saturdays until late fall)

July 30, 2008

We go through lots of watermelon around here, and the yellow ones I picked up at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market last Saturday are a distant memory.  Or maybe not so distant for M., who asked yesterday if I would buy seven of them next Saturday so we have enough to last a full week.  (Yes, we go through one a day!!)  Good thing they’re healthy.  They taste like candy, though, so sweet you can hardly believe they’re fruit.

While I’m plugging the market, I have to send out kudos to the fountain lifeguards, who typically open before the posted 11 a.m. start time for the wading pool.  My kids are less thrilled with the music, particularly on the kids’ days, when the featured Harvest Sessions bands tend toward bluegrass, like Forbidden Fruit Snacks this week (Aug. 2). While I personally enjoy them, they don’t hold the boys’ interest as much as less-acoustic bands do.  Still, the music is a nice touch, and for a schedule you can visit the Whitaker Foundation’s homepage.


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