Tour the brewery while it’s still A-B (anytime until the InBev deal is final)

August 4, 2008

It happened that we had a friend visiting from France right around the time the InBev takeover of Anheuser-Busch was accepted, and after seeing the headlines in the newspaper for several days straight, she decided she would like to take a tour.  We formed a big party with another neighborhood mom and assorted youngsters (11 kids total!!) and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  But not everyone’s spirits were so high — there was one father in particular who was there with his son for a last hurrah before InBev took over.  He pointedly asked the tour guide if the free tours would continue after the buyout, and the well-coached guide responded, “Well, it’s not really a buyout, it’s more like a merger …” and continued speaking for several moments without answering the question directly.

So who knows what the future holds!  But if you’re feeling a pull to see the brewery before the new nameplates go up, I suggest a visit to the homepage for details.  It has info about the free tours (including occasional celebrity guests and the highly popular Clydesdale camera days) as well as a new Beermaster Tour, a behind-the-scenes visit which culminates in a tasting directly from the finishing tanks.  That tour, open for ages 13 and up, costs $25 for adults and $10 for those under legal drinking age.

In the past the bottling line in the Bevo Packaging Plant was often closed to tours, but a new top-floor observation station lets visitors see the entire process from bottle washing to packaging. There’s still a visit onto the floor of a bottling line too, when possible, but our whole crew (11 kids total!!) loved the bird’s-eye view.

And yes, I am classifying this under the education category because the tour really does have a lot of great beermaking info and historical details.


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