A great weekend to bike the Katy Trail (Aug. 9-10)

August 8, 2008

An August weekend where the temperature barely breaks 90!?!?  I can’t wait to get outside and do something that doesn’t involve wet towels and shovelfuls of sunscreen.  Earlier this week, I was doing an interview with a 71-year-old Californian who’ll be biking across the United States starting early next month to raise funds and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.  He mentioned how much he had enjoyed biking the Katy Trail when he’d visited Missouri, and I realized I’ve never blogged about it here.  It’s an unpardonable oversight because the trail is absolutely beautiful, even to non-cyclists like myself.

He said it’s one of the best trails he’s biked, from the crushed limestone surface to the Missouri River valley scenery.  He advised renting a mountain or hybrid bike (the surface can be tricky for the narrow tires on road bikes) but the trail’s FAQs page suggests it’s not 100% necessary if you’re careful on the less-well-packed sections.

Camping isn’t allowed along the trail, but because this will be a prime weekend for that activity too, I’m tossing in a tip:  Check out Klondike Park Campground in Weldon Spring.  On the site of an old silica sand quarry that was abandoned to the elements for 20 years, it has a stunning contrast of jutting cliffs and verdant undergrowth, all right along the river. It sounds weird, I know, but I’ve actually had dreams about this park, it’s that special.  The 250-acre grounds have a few hiking/biking trails too, as well as basic amenities for overnight stays.  Sites are $7 for a primitive and $10 for a basic — none are electric.  It might be too late to reserve a spot for this weekend, but you can definitely just show up and hope for the best; for park info, call 636.949.7535.


One Response to “A great weekend to bike the Katy Trail (Aug. 9-10)”

  1. milligfunk Says:

    I was just in Weldon Spring Conservation Area yesterday, hiking the Lost Valley Trail. I’d like to bike it next time. Seemed like it would be a good ride.



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