Introducing kids to the outdoors (Sept. 27)

September 20, 2008

Last week, M. brought home a library book about leaves … and I realized that aside from a few distinctive ones that we happen to have in our yard, I didn’t know much about identifying trees by their leaves.  But since he’s interested, I’ve made a point to start learning some of them so I can point them out when we’re at playgrounds or parks.

If you likewise want to bone up on the outdoors lesson you can teach your kids, consider the “Inside-Out” class at the Powder Valley Nature Conservation Center in Kirkwood next weekend (Sept. 27). It’s geared specifically for caregivers of children under age 10. To sign up, call 314-301-1500; for more details, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation homepage.

If you’re simply looking for new places to explore, the site’s atlas function can give you a list of all MDC locations in a given county (St. Louis City is included under the St. Louis County listing).


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