Sashay on over to Grand Center (Sept. 27)

September 25, 2008

The lineup for Saturday’s (Sept. 27) dance extravaganza in Grand Center sounds exhilarating — even those of us with no rhythm at all will be able to appreciate the artistry of the Radio City Rockettes, for example, or the Tribe Ayaka fire dancers, or the Neighborhood Watch Stilt International ballet dancers …  There will also be lessons and toe-tapping music, if you’re inclined to dance yourself. But if you’re more the wandering type, there will be open houses and/or tours of Grand Center’s most beautiful buildings — the Fox Theatre and Powell Symphony Hall — plus the neighborhood’s museums and galleries.

Dancing in the Streets starts at 10 a.m. and ends with fireworks from the Compton Street garage at 8:15 p.m. Be aware that it’s parents weekend at Saint Louis University, opening weekend at the symphony and a typically busy night at the area’s theaters, so don’t expect to find easy, cheap parking if you arrive toward evening!

If you have to park a ways away, I suggest westward on Washington Blvd., where you’ll pass our favorite two of The Light Project’s artworks. (On a typical weeknight, they cause the same sort of slow-moving traffic as a really great display of holiday lights does in December, but I think this weekend it’ll be better to see them on foot.) One is Untitled, a snaking tube of empty ice cream buckets that wraps around on itself in a giant jumble; the other is Chorus, scores of old lamps suspended above the shell of a church. The lights are on from dusk to sunrise. M. recommends seeing them with a set of diffraction grating glasses.  What — you don’t have any?!?!  There’s still time to get some before the exhibit ends on Oct. 17.


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