A playlist to get your weekend started (Saturdays)

October 6, 2008

The boys know that my morning routine always includes the radio, but it’s usually NPR rather than music because most of those bouncy morning-show hosts annoy me beyond words. However, the past couple of Saturdays I’ve found a compromise in listening to KDHX’s new Musical Merry-Go-Round from 8 to 10 a.m. The boys get to dance around the kitchen while I make breakfast, and the spoken interludes don’t involve crude jokes or celebrity trivia. ( I’ve even been known to continue tuning in after the boys have left for skating lessons!)  The artists run the gamut from Elvis to Kermit the Frog; you can’t accuse the host, Grandfather Paul Stark, of dumbing things down for kids.

There’s a playlist on the radio station’s Web site — and it’s possible to stream the previous shows anytime. If the boys only knew that they could escape from news more than once a week!

Thanks to the dad who put in a good word for this show, and to everyone who’s submitted a tip in the past few weeks! I loved all the ideas, and if you don’t see yours on here it’s because: (a) my scheduling system ate it (in which case I apologize!) or (b) it’s coming up soon, so keep reading!


2 Responses to “A playlist to get your weekend started (Saturdays)”

  1. Dad Says:

    It is a great show (as is most of the programming on KDHX) and it adds to my perception that the City has grown into a very friendly place to raise kids. I know you can listen to it from anywhere, but it is broadcast out of Tower Grove East, and it, along with SCOSAG, TG Farmers’ Market, Hartford Coffee kids’ area and more (this blog) have added to the critical mass of amenities that encourage so many young families to stay in the city.

  2. Thanks for your ongoing efforts to inform the community of local family events….
    I was very glad to hear that you’ve discovered the Musical Merry-Go-Round and are spreading the word…. Thanks for the kind words – we’re very proud of the new show….

    more info at http://musicalmerrygoround.org

    -Grandfather Stark

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