ARRG! Roller derby action (Oct. 11)

October 8, 2008

To give credit where it’s due, today’s tip comes from my brother. He had a roller derby revelation a few weeks ago, and now he’s positively an apostle for the sport. In all honesty, I’ve long thought it’d be fun to check it out too, but I never got around to it. Well, this is the weekend, because on Saturday (Oct. 11) at 8 p.m., the M-80s take on the Stunt Devils for the Arch Rival Roller Girls’ third season championship. ARRG — love that acronym!

If you’re thinking roller derby is about as family-friendly as professional wrestling (and having heard the crude things fans of all ages shout at the contestants there, no way would I take my kids to one of those bouts), you’d be surprised. The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, of which ARRG and 45 other city leagues are members, makes sportswomanship one of its priorities, and The Bro swears that you’ll find more camaraderie at his local Portland matches than at your average junior high football game. To emphasize their kid-friendliness, ARRG offers free admission to kids 10 and under (regular admission is $10).

Saturday’s match is at the All American Sports Mall in South County. Tickets are available at a link from the ARRG homepage, or you can call 314-487-4625 for details.


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