Too much stuffing (anytime)

November 29, 2008

If you hit the sales yesterday only to realize you’re not going to have anyplace for your kids to put the new toys once they open their gifts, I can relate!  I’ve been steadily (and stealthily, I admit) decreasing the kids’ playroom accoutrements over the past month or two.  Some of the items have gone to S.’s nursery school, which accepts gently used items for the under-3 set.  Others have gone to his former in-home daycare provider, who’s always on the lookout for low-cost toys for her charges.  Still others are in a box for the Y’s babysitting room (and happily for me, they’ll accept the noisy ones too!  But they do appreciate batteries to go with them.)

I discovered that it’s fairly easy to find places to accept plastic and wooden toys, but plush animals are another matter.  My kids don’t play with stuffed toys much at all, so I’ve always discouraged those as presents … but some snuck through anyway, and they’re in like-new condition (in fact, most still have tags on).  One place I’ve found to donate them is ambulance districts, which carry them along on runs and give them to children with whom they come in contact. You’ll want to call the administrator of the one nearest you (in Arnold, where we donate, it’s Margie Simmons, 636.296.5066) to find out if they’re currently accepting donations, and what the requirements are for the condition of the items.  It’s sometimes possible to mail the donation rather than hand-deliver it (to Arnold, the address is: Rock Township Ambulance District, PO Box 629, Arnold MO 63010).

Good luck sneaking away those excess toys, and good luck finding just the right gifts with which to replace them!


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