Cans Film Festival (Dec. 6)

December 3, 2008

It’s not technically free, but the Wehrenberg Theaters/KMJM Majic 104.9FM food drive this Saturday (Dec. 6) does get you into movies at 10 cinemas for the price of five cans of food per person. Beans, for example, are always a good bet — food pantries like them because they’re high in protein; you’ll like them because you can buy five for much less than the price of a movie ticket. Granted this special offer is only good for matinees (anything starting before 5 p.m.), but it does include every film, even the ones that usually won’t accept passes.

More generosity will get you more movie passes: Bring 10 additional cans (15 total) and you’ll receive another pass to be used at a future date in addition to free admission on Dec. 6. That’s a lot of cans (more than 230,000 were collected last year), but it’s also potentially a nice savings for moviegoers. The largest single donation in the 16-theater chain will receive a year-long movie pass; unfortunately, the Wehrenberg press release doesn’t give any hints as to how large that donation will have to be.

You’ll find all the details on the Majic homepage, including the participating local theaters, and you can get a listing of what’s showing on Saturday at the Wehrenberg homepage or by calling 800.FANDANGO.


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