A writing challenge for teenage girls (until Jan. 2)

December 10, 2008

I was never one for entering contests, even though I once  knew a woman who treated sweepstakes entries as a part-time job and won some pretty substantial loot by entering them systematically. Then, over the summer, I was asked to judge an essay contest, and as I read the submissions, I kept thinking, I could do this! So I did, last month, and I won $1,100 worth of eco-friendly bedding from a national magazine. Now I’m scouting opportunities all the time, for myself and for others …

Which brings me to this contest from Relate.com, a local magazine for teenage girls. I’d never heard of it before I received the press release, but it’s legitimate — and the prizes are good: a $1,000 scholarship, a $500 bank account, clothes, movie passes, electronics, a makeover and other prizes totaling $15,000. Contest details are on the site, and entries are due by midnight on Jan. 2. Good luck, girls, and if I were, ahem, 20 years younger, I’d be drafting that essay right now.


2 Responses to “A writing challenge for teenage girls (until Jan. 2)”

  1. Lisa Says:

    You won!!! That’s awesome. See those judging stints were worth way more than you charged. I’m so happy for you ; )

  2. Lisa Says:


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