Three two-for-one museum deals (Jan. 8-11)

January 8, 2009

You have two more days (Jan. 9 and 10) to check out the Sheldon Art Galleries‘ exhibit Pictures of the Year International: A Visual Record of Our World, a showcase of photojournalism from one of the most esteemed competitions in the world. And to sweeten the pot, the museum is offering two-for-one admission this weekend. That deal is in conjunction with the New York Times’ Arts and Leisure Weekend (in which we here in St. Louis can only participate via Web link); two other local venues, the Missouri History Museum and Contemporary Art Museum, are also doing the two-for-one deal from today through Sunday (Jan. 11). At the History Museum, that’ll get you into the Katherine Dunham exhibit; at the Contemporary, it’s a Dexter Sinister pamphlet show in the front rooms (the rest is closed while a new exhibit is installed). At both of the latter two, you’ll also receive 20 percent off purchases in the gift shop.

I’ve mentioned before what a family-friendly museum the Sheldon Art Galleries is, despite the echo-y chambers. My boys always enjoy visiting it, and I like to think they’re starting to appreciate photography, one of my favorite genres. Some of the photos on display depict loss and violence, others joy — I anticipate your kids will have questions, but I wouldn’t call any of the photos too “scary” for children. If you’d like to see a sample of prize-winning photos, check out the contest’s homepage, via the Missouri School of Journalism’s Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. And keep in mind it’s only one of the museum’s exhibits (others feature rock, architecture and, as always, kids’ artworks).


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