A family-friendly Mardi Gras kickoff (today, Jan. 31)

January 31, 2009

Today’s the Soulard Mardi Gras family-friendly kick-off party, the U.S. Cellular Family Winter Carnvial at Soulard Market Park. The art activities, musical performances and costume-making started just a few minutes ago; the day ends with a one-block parade at 4 p.m. I know M. will get into the make-your-own snowglobe project, after S. accidentally knocked our homemade one off the counter the day before yesterday, shattering the plastic tank.  And he’s always a fan of giant paint-by-numbers canvases.  This one’s in the heated activities tent, along with a football toss, BlackBerry activities (though I for one see enough of those infernal devices in my day-to-day life!) and a photo op appearance by Fredbird at 2 p.m.  For a full list of the events, check out the Mardi Gras, Inc. homepage.

In case you’re thinking of taking me to task for not giving you advance notice of this great event, let me tell you about my week.  I’ll go backward, starting at noon yesterday, when I was in the doctor’s office about a very painful rash on the left side of my abdomen and back.  She took one look and said, “Shingles.”  SHINGLES?!?!?  What 38-year-old gets SHINGLES?  “Have you been under a lot of stress lately?” she asked.  I just stared at her blankly — there I was, with my laptop and notebook propped on the examining table, trying desperately to finish an article that was due that same day.  M., who had the day off from school (professional development!), was coloring at my feet, wondering when lunch was.  We’d had TWO back-to-back snow days this week, S. had been to the doctor (again) about ear infections and was still waking up crying several times a night, I’d received some unexpected taskers on volunteer projects, and oh, yes,  I have to chaperone M. to a skating party in two hours … of course I’m under stress!  The worst of it is, that’s pretty much the typical mom week. I had to admit that no, I wasn’t under any more stress than usual.  And yes, everybody in my house had been sick in the past few weeks.  And yes, I had a horrible case of chicken pox when I was 8.  And yes, I want pain-killing ointment.  Industrial size, if you have it.

Shingles really bites, let me tell you.  It’s ridiculous that insurers only pay for the vaccine for people over age 60.

But enough whining.  Go to the carnival and get yourself in the mood for Mardi Gras!  And keep an eye out for my family guide to the big parade on Feb. 21.


One Response to “A family-friendly Mardi Gras kickoff (today, Jan. 31)”

  1. Charles J Taft Says:

    Oh BUMMER!!!!!
    You have my sympathies and wishes for speedy recovery!

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