Bill Nye fires up SLU students (Feb. 16)

February 9, 2009

I love that Bill Nye The Science Guy, he of six dozen bow ties and more than 100 fascinating science-based TV episodes on PBS, is coming to St. Louis next week — and I especially love that he’s been booked by college students to talk to their fellow college students about ways their environmental actions can help improve the planet.

Because he can take some pretty complicated topics (physics, chemistry, evolution) and make them both fun and educational, I fully expect this talk to be energizing — and a really good way to spend a Monday night (Feb. 16), even if you might otherwise be too cool to hang out with guys in bow ties.

Although he’ll be speaking on the Saint Louis University campus, in its Busch Student Center, the presentation “More With Less: How Saint Louis University students are going to change the world” is open to the general public. For details, check out this online press release or call 314.977.2805.


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