Friday night fish fries (Feb. 27 to Apr. 10)

February 25, 2009

Last week a sign went up in our neighborhood advertising St. Agatha’s Lenten fish fries. I immediately started wondering whether the Polish congregation will lean more traditional Polish or more contemporary American this year. I loved the Polish sides and I sincerely hope they do a few of them this year. The guys in the neighborhood are all hoping the huge, strong Polish bottles of beer will be on the menu again. Why not flaunt your parish’s special talents, right?

That’s what the folks at St. Cecilia in South City do — their Mexican fish fries include specialties like meatless tacos and chiles rellenos. The fry runs from 4:30 to 8 p.m., plates start at $7.50, and the phone for more info is 314.351.1318.  Be sure to check the homepage, as live music will be scheduled some weeks.

Another form of live entertainment will be appearing this Friday to kick off Lenten fish fries at Our Lady of the Presentation in Overland: a radio remote from K-Hits 96.3 FM featuring Mark Klose.  Not sure whether he’s Catholic and giving up meat for Lent, but if you’re curious, stop by 8860 Tudor Ave. around 3 p.m. and ask him. For details on the fish fry, call 314.427.0486.  Each year the station does a World Fish Fry Tour. This year’s other two stops are St. Joan of Arc on Pernod in South City on Mar. 10 and Our Lady of the Pillar on Lindbergh in Creve Coeur on Apr. 10.

At St. Francis of Assisi in Oakville, they’ve been doing fish fries all month (including tonight, to get your Lent off to a good start on Ash Wednesday) and will continue through Good Friday.  The schedule and menu (though no prices) are online at the main homepage; look for the fish fry button on the left.

Most Catholic fish fries end the week before Good Friday, but some are scattered on only one or two Lenten dates. Such is the case at St. John’s Evangelical UCC, which serves dinners only on Mar. 20 and Apr. 3 from 4 to 7 p.m.  However, they do have frog legs on the $9 menu, making it worth a detour to 11333 St. John’s Church Road in South County.

But back to the Catholics, whose fries garner most of the attention this time of year.  I wasn’t able to find a link for these, but I’ve heard that St. Gabriel the Archangel on Nottingham is good (call 314.353.6303 for details), as is St. Mary Magdalen on Bancroft (call 314.352-2111).   That one’s raffling off a lawnmower at the final Good Friday fry, just FYI. Others can be find courtesy of the St. Boniface blog, which posts reviews throughout Lent.

And if you’re coming down to St. Agatha’s, at 3239 S. 9th St., the fry runs from 5 to 8 p.m. and plates start at$6.


Check out this great map of fish fries throughout the St. Louis region.


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