Little green thumbs on dirty hands (anytime in the spring)

March 12, 2009

planting-spinachWe discovered on Tuesday that the spinach we planted last month is coming up: two little green leaves peeking out of the ground at semi-regular intervals in sort-of-evenly-spaced rows. M. dug the rows this year, and he did a great job with depth and consistency; we can work on lining them up next year! It was a special day for him — they’d celebrated the 100th day of school with a pajama party (hence his wardrobe choice for gardening too) and it happened to be perfect planting weather.

Since then we’ve also planted a few other crops — radishes and lettuces — and soon we’ll get to work on the peas.  Back in the pre-kids day, I used to sow the early spring seeds all at once, but now we spend a lot of time inspecting what’s growing out there, then digging up a few worms, then hoeing the rows, then checking on those worms, then sprinkling in the seeds and covering them with soil, then checking on those worms again … and it actually is more fun this way, because you never quite know what will come up where when.

There are gazillions of resources online for families looking to plant a garden (particularly in this uncertain economy — the topic has become quite trendy), but if you’re truly just starting out, my advice is to visit an independent garden center on a cold, rainy or otherwise inclement day.  The staff will have time to talk to you, and you won’t feel as pressured to buy plants right then and there.


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