More events, more links (anytime)

March 26, 2009

In the spirit of spring cleaning (and, admittedly, in order to avoid actual spring cleaning in my house!) I’ve made some changes on the site. The “Monthly Happenings” page in particular needed a revamp, so I’ve added a dozen or so great recurring events and will be updating the page more with the summer outdoor concert schedules that are starting to come out. I’ve also put on a couple more event calendar links under the Resources section to the right of the screen. My favorite continues to be Parents Connect, but the quality of other local calendars has really improved in the past year or two.

My tip for the day may be common knowledge to some of you, but I wasn’t aware until last week than any household in Missouri can sign up for a free subscription to the Missouri Conservationist. The Missouri Department of Conservation’s magazine is intelligently edited — that is, its staff is cognizant of the fact that a big percentage of the state’s population lives in urban and suburban areas, and the magazine delivers information that’s relevant to us as well as to its more rural readers.


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