Celebrate the Earth in the air (Apr. 26)

April 23, 2009

This is one of those weekends that makes my head spin — so MANY great free things to do, perfect weather to do them in, a houseful of healthy people (finally!) and no looming journalism deadlines. Assuming I can get my cell phone messages through to Twitter, you can keep up with where we’re at using the link to the right.

One event that I definitely must point out happens near the gigantic Earth Day festival in Forest Park, but it should be easier to get to and less crowded. It’s the Saint Louis Art Museum/Gateway Kite Club‘s Get Green event, taking place on Art Hill. Kites may be up in the air as early as 10 a.m., though the official start time is noon. There will be kite flying and demonstrations, an opportunity to make your own kite and, should the unaccustomed sunshine become too much for your winter-faded skin, a nature-themed scavenger hunt through the museum’s exhibits.

After that, you can always go on down to The Muny grounds for the Earth Day expo, which starts at 11 a.m. If last year’s excellent turnout is any indication, the event will be crawling with people young and old. Last year I was disappointed with its commercial focus — it felt sort of “buy your way green. ” But judging from what I’ve heard, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, and they’re striving for more balance this year. The food vendors were pretty overwhelmed around lunchtime last year, so be sure to toss some snacks in your bag in case the kids get hungry and the wait is long.

Not that I’m down on the festival — I think it’s great to have so many like-minded people come together in a harmonious atmosphere.  I like the idea of having nine themed areas so people can more easily find exhibitors that interest them, and I love the music lineup on the three stages. The all-species parade at noon should be fun, and it was a good idea to get schools involved in organizing a few of the educational exhibits.  (Last year those, too, were underwhelming.) The details are too bountiful to list here, but there’s a good rundown at this link.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the weekend and be green!


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