Hear stories (Apr. 29-May 2), write stories (Apr. 30)

April 27, 2009

The schedule for this week’s St. Louis Storytelling Festival is impressively long: three pages of events throughout the city and county, some indoors, some out, some reservation-only for schoolchildren, some free-to-the-public, and a few specifically for adults. The first three days (Apr. 29-May 1) are heavy on stories for schoolchildren, but the weekend (May 2) brings more family events at venues ranging from the Missouri Botanical Garden to the Arch grounds to libraries to Cahokia Mounds.

Of the eight featured storytellers, I only recognized one, Bobby Norfolk, but in reading up about their various styles and genres, I think they’re all going to be fun to hear.  Then there are dozen of regional storytellers who’ll also be performing; some of them are 10-year veterans of the festival. The University of Missouri-St. Louis is the main coordinator, though many other organizations are also involved.

This coming Thursday (Apr. 30) is the final day for kids in grades K through 3 to perfect their own stories for the KETC Channel 9 contest Young Writers and Illustrators: Adventures in Science. The science-themed stories must be postmarked that day. There’s no monetary prize, but M. considers the token reward for entering, a date at The Magic House, better than cash anyway!  Click here for rules and an entry form.


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