Big screen under the big sky (now until October)

May 25, 2009

I thoroughly appreciate the folks from the Compton Heights Band letting me know about the location change due to the rain! When I lived in Germany, they used to call days like this “wechselhaft” — literal translation: “changeable.” Real translation: “We have no idea what the weather will do from hour to hour.” You have to love that honesty!

Luckily, the outdoor movies Frontyard Features shows at locations around the St. Louis region just got started 10 days ago, and there weren’t any scheduled for yesterday or today. Starting Friday (May 29), though, the screenings begin to really pick up. Half the fun of perusing the online schedule is seeing what movies each neighborhood has picked. It’s wonderful how much the initiative has grown in the past three summers — it now stretches from Kansas City, Kansas, through mid-Missouri past St. Louis over into Illinois.

There are several other organizations offering outdoor movies too, including Union Station’s Twilight Under the Train Shed on the first Friday of the month from April to September. The next one, incidentally, is Escape from New York, which was filmed at Union Station itself!  That’s at sunset on June 5.


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