End-of-school jitters? (all summer)

May 28, 2009

We’re at T minus one and counting … one day until school lets out for the summer. How about you? Summer camps seem to be a prime topic of conversation everywhere, from our gym in South City to the outdoor patio at Companion in Clayton. If you’re determined not to spend so much as $65 a week on a camp (let alone $220 plus materials fees — don’t get me started on some of the prices out there!!), here are some other ideas.

Ridefinders has a great online bike route map called Regional Bikeways of Metro St. Louis. It includes parks, bridges, trails and pretty much everywhere else your family might be inclined to explore. If you’d looking for an outing of like-minded individuals, check out Trailnet’s extensive offerings; there seems to be a ride every other night all summer!  If you go out based on one of these maps, it’s a good idea to get directions to the starting point from two sources (for example, both Google Maps and Mapquest), as I learned the hard way a few weeks ago.

The Children’s Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Children’s Garden are teaming up with a fun offer:  Buy your child admission to one and bring your ticket stub to the other to get your child in for free. Regular admission prices are $4 for age 2 and older at the Children’s Zoo and $3 for ages 3 to 12 at the MoBot Children’s Garden. Note the zoo’s general admission is free to everyone and MoBot’s general admission is free to kids 12 and younger.  I could go on and on about all the fun features at each of them — but you’re all familiar with those two classic St. Louis institutions anyway by now, right?


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