“Olde tyme” summer events (June 19-20)

June 17, 2009

The lemonade stand business is booming this summer. M.’s most recent venture, on a slow weekday afternoon, earned him $7 an hour in net profits (yes, I make him pay for his own supplies), which beats minimum wage work. One of the business lessons that extends across neighborhood boundaries from South City to Clayton is this: Most of the profit comes in the form of tips. In that, working a lemonade stand is no different from waiting tables.

Yesterday our neighbors had a stand out front, staffed by their grandchildren and assorted other hangers-on. I counted six kids – four of whom contributed to my purchase – and I’m curious when they’ll figure out that the camaraderie cuts into take-home profits. Of course, one could run a lemonade stand strictly for the social aspect … an entrepreneurial playdate.

And speaking of old-but-good ideas, St. Peters Olde Tyme Picnic features a tractor pull this weekend (June 19-20). Maybe you won’t think it’s much of an attraction to watch tractors revving up to pull heavy loads, but your little boys will, trust me! There’s also a parade, barbecue contest, carnival, live music and fireworks. Note that there are two locations, Old Town Park and Lone Wolf Park, with separate entertainment schedules. Shuttles will run from Mid-Rivers Mall throughout the day and into the early morning (the picnic ends at midnight).


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