Bowling with the bumpers (until Aug. 30)

July 15, 2009

Last week we discovered that S. is finally old enough to bowl a full game before losing interest. Hooray! Now we can hit the lanes more often without fear of being tossed out for his antics. Of course, we tend to go downtown to the Flamingo Bowl during the early afternoons, when the lanes are mostly occupied by families — and usually they aren’t bothered by a kid who occasionally wanders into their lanes.

And although kids get half-price shoe rental and cheaper games at the Flamingo, the best deal around is actually at There AMF lanes have organized a special program in which parents can enroll their kids 15 and under to receive two free games per day. Families can also buy a $24 pass that allows up to four adults to bowl along with the kids. Some lanes have limited hours and other restrictions, and shoe rental may not be included; check the site for full details. Participating location can be found in North County, Florissant, Granite City, Belleville and Fairview Heights. Most of them accept the freebie coupons until the end of August.


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