Bringing books to Cameroon (anytime)

July 21, 2009

So … have you done a random act of kindness today? Tough sometimes, isn’t it? And other days it’s easy — like tomorrow, I’m already planning to bring chocolate cupcakes to all the staff at S.’s school. One just had a baby, one is packing for a year in Mexico, and the other was in employment limbo the last time we spoke. The cupcakes are in the freezer, and I have two boys who’ll be only too ready to help me frost them in the morning.

Then again, isn’t it always a little easier to do something for someone you know (and like) than a stranger? So here’s an opportunity to expand your horizons. I recently received an e-mail from a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon who’s organizing a book drive to benefit school libraries there. She’s aiming to help at least 28 bilingual libraries with a stock of 22,000 English-language books. You can read about the official Peace Corp program Books for Cameroon here, and you can keep up with her blog posts about daily life in the Peace Corps here.

I’ve been to Africa a couple of times, and although we Americans tend to have trouble relating to the continent at all, what struck me most about my visits there was that the patterns of daily life are so similar. People bake cookies, as this Peace Corps volunteer, Wendy Lee, mentions in her blog. Kids play outside. Couples go out for dinner. Strangers point a clueless tourist in the right direction.

Lee is from St. Charles, and she’s hoping fellow St. Louisans will form a big part of the 2,300 donations of $5 each she’s hoping to raise via the Peace Corps Partnership. Go on, make this your random act of kindness for the day!


One Response to “Bringing books to Cameroon (anytime)”

  1. wendylee86 Says:

    Thank you so much for writing about my project! I have a hard time spreading the words since I am in Africa and can’t go around talking to people about it. Thanks again! Every $5 counts.

    Wendy Lee
    Peace Corps Volunteer

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