Block-heads party (Aug. 4)

August 3, 2009

Our neighborhood is tucked away down in South St. Louis, and we’re not the kind of place that would ever register a National Night Out block party. Heck, some of us don’t even register our cars (not in the city, anyway). But party we will, come tomorrow at 6 p.m. I expect the nuns, perhaps some cops, a couple of engineers and computer geeks, a nurse and therapist, retirees, a teacher, a few businesspeople, a few perpetual students, enough kids to constitute a herd … you get the idea. Just your average neighborhood. We’re nosy about the newcomers in the rental units (surprisingly many this year) and dismissive of the latest conspiracy theories floated by the neighbors who’ve always had one too many beers.

Rather than invite you to our event, I encourage you to find your own. Some will be easy: This morning in the neighborhood just to our north I saw a 60-ish woman plastering every tree along her street with homemade tagboard signs promoting their block party. Some may even be registered with the official National Night Out folks. Our ZIP code’s not — no surprise there! — but many others in St. Louis are.


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