Shake your booty, if not quite in those words (Aug. 22)

August 20, 2009

My previous post was about an event that intrigued me for nostalgic reasons … this one is about one that intrigues me because it’s very much hip and now. It’s The Soooo! St. Louis Summerfest, sponsored by, an Internet radio station that’s promoting the festival, on Saturday (Aug. 22) from 3 to 9 p.m., as fun for the whole family. If that’s the case, I assume that the mix of artists will be different from what’s on the air at 11 o’clock at night! Probably I just picked an unlucky time to tune in … or maybe I’m just not with the times.

It’s not that I’m making my kids listen to nursery rhymes here. The boys both  LOVE shakin’ their booties (and they LOVE saying booty, too!) to house and techno, which as far as I’m concerned are perfectly fine since the lyrics don’t tend to make sense anyway, if there even are lyrics. But they have little friends whose parents let them listen to rap and modern pop of all genres, and so the boys often tune it in on the radio when they’re in the mood to dance.

Being a writer, I’m all about lyrics, and both my boys have my ear for words — S. at age 3 can hear a song once or twice and repeat long snatches of it accurately. During a recent playdate, an older friend of theirs was preparing to perform a song-and-dance routine during a “show” they were all putting on, and when her mom caught wind of what she’d be singing, she very quickly nixed the act — and I’m not sure if she was more embarrassed that her daughter thought it was an appropriate choice to sing for an audience, or if she was embarrassed to be caught having let her daughter listen to it enough times that she could sing it verbatim!  I’m just relieved that S. didn’t get a chance to hear it enough to start repeating it too!

So here’s my thinking on the festival Saturday.  It’s on the Old Post Office Plaza downtown, which I love.  The boys are more inclined to run around there than to sit still and listen to songs, no matter how catchy the beat and racy the lyrics. And there’s that new Schnucks Culinaria store right across 9th street that, in true mom form, I’m curious to check out.  Also, I’m on assignment to write about the store, which maybe means my groceries will be a tax write-off … so those are some persuasive reasons to give the music a chance.  Plus, I’m intrigued to find out what’s passing for family entertainment nowadays.


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