Love those Lederhosen! (Aug. 23, Sept. 12-13, Sept. 18-19)

August 22, 2009

Tomorrow M.’s hitting the stage in Lederhosen for his first performance with the little German dance troupe he’s been practicing with all summer. He’s completely free from jitters, perhaps because he’s never actually seen a Kinder-Tanzgruppe performance and doesn’t yet realize that people will be watching him dance. Or maybe I’m projecting my own biases — I hate having people watch me dance. I don’t care how many thousands read my words, but please don’t watch me dance!

Anyway, he’ll be dancing at the German Cultural Society‘s Kirchweih event tomorrow (Aug. 23) at the hall on South Jefferson, and again Sept. 12 or 13 at Oktoberfest in Jefferson County’s Donau Park, and again Sept. 18 and 19 at Strassenfest in Chesterfield’s Central Park. It’s enough to make me yearn for a big ol’ mug of German beer.  Hopefully I can get a decent one at the Strassenfest!  I wasn’t a fan of the downtown version, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of my gas money to find out whether things have improved. The timing definitely has — Strassenfest used to be in August, but now at least it coincides with the time of year when German fall festivals (including Oktoberfest) would be taking place.  So there’s hope.


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